Slowly we are unpacking in our new home, but we are functional and started seeing clients.

We are in the process of scheduling some discussion groups, classes, and movie nights.

In the meantime, I am offering a special on Rapid Reframing, a service I usually offer for $49. Rapid Reframing is a way of accessing your subconscious mind to change limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs. Often, we don’t even know what the limiting belief IS, but this particular technique gets to the bottom of it, and switches it up into a new perspective, which changes everything! People love it because it’s quick, easy, fun, and it lasts!

For a limited time – in fact, for the rest of this month of August, I will be offering this amazingly enduring session for only $25. Call to schedule an appointment today. You can call me (Linda) directly at 480-442-5755.


New Location!

As of August 23rd, we will be offering our OakSpirit healings, readings, counseling, and classes in a new location near 32nd Street and Sweetwater.

We are SO excited because we know that everyone who enters our new Center will feel uplifted, energized, and blessed!

Stay tuned for updates as we develop the space and start scheduling appointments and classes.

In the meantime, be sure to heed the advice from our Tree Spirits.

May the gentle breezes of summer caress you with happiness…..